Online checking for shipping rate from almost all carrier's service, this platformn will generate immediate updating if any change. For shipping cost out of almost all asian ports you could have them in seconds.
Cargo Tracking
You could check the container status by entering container No. or Bill No.The status page will tell you all info you needed regarding your containers. For port to port sailing schedule you could also check on this platform, as it will clearly show you the point to point routine from carriers.
Vessel Schedule
Sofreight provides its users with the most up to date schedules from almost all carriers. This service will be attached onto freight search,it will be easily to check out once needed. Sometimes you may find out that vessel schedules still need to confirm from carrier's website, but on Sofreight, we will provide exact vessel Schedules, they are daily updated and make sure it will be collect whenever you click this service. But Please note that there will be no vessel details on sofreight, in order easy to identify, we use digital from 1 to 7 reprensents Monday to Sunday. We use "TT" represents transit time.If you have any problem in obtaining vessel schedules on sofreight, you can send us emails at anytime.
Online Booking
After you search the target cost on this platform, you could select those items match your request and click the "booking" button on the most right of each item.We will distract you to enter the shipper's details in China, after you doing this, pls press "submit" button.And this booking will be arranged when we receive your subscribe immediately.
Contact:  Aster Chen
If you cant not get through by phone, please mail to the address above.