Privacy Policy

1. Collection of Information

When you become a registered user of Sofreight website, you will be asked to provide certain information and details, including your name, company name, company address, email address, phone, fax number and other personal information, to ensure that you are reachable by potential trade partners. Only Sofreight members are entitled to publish business information. Sofreight has the right to audit or cancel the information submitted by the Sofreight members. All the Sofreight members should undertake the responsibilities on accuracy, integrity, validity of the information. Sofreight may check the information but Sofreightcannot guarantee the accuracy and legality of the information completely so Sofreight will not undertake legal liability correspondingly. And Sofreight will not undertake any responsibilities on profit losses caused by Sofreight website or the service or the agreement or any special, indirect or sequent damages (no matter how the losses are caused, including negligence.). The following information is absolutely forbidden: (a) Any dispraising words related with religions, ethnicity or gender; (b) Any actions of harassing, abusing or threatening other customers; (c) Any actions infringing the copyright, patent, trademark, business privacy or other proprietary rights, or privacy rights of the third party; (d) Any other information violating the corresponding laws and rules of internet; Sofreight collects all the information on suppliers, suppliers' products and buy offers from buyers, setting up a DBS (database system). Sofreight has the copyright of related information and website design. Sofreight will pursue the legal obligations to retain the right of unauthorized copy or unpermitted business activities based on Sofreight information.

2. Transaction

Sofreight traces IP address for the sake of the identification of user's information and authenticity of transaction, security and in accordance with other government requirements. Sofreight will delete all the IP address information within 60 days when there is not security problem. Sofreight will trace all the access data to Sofreight in 24 hours, since the data could provide website's traffic, which can be used for future development plan (such as increase more servers). All the transaction information will be categorized so that Sofreight could provide new service and business opportunities according to different categories. Sofreight will inform you the new service or business opportunities through your email.

3. Cookie

We use cookies on certain of our pages to store specific information about you and track your visits to our site. A cookie is a text-only string of information that a website transfers to your browser and stored on your computer's hard disk, so as to help website enhance identification of our users; assist our partners to track user visits to the Site and process You are always free to decline our cookies if your browser permits, although doing so may interfere with your use of some of our sites or services. By setting your preferences in the browser, you can accept all cookies, you can be notified when a cookie is sent, or you can reject all cookies. If you reject all cookies by choosing the cookie-disabling function in your browser, you may be required to re-enter your information on our Site more often and certain features of our Site may be unavailable.

4. Use and Disclosure of Information

Sofreight is the sole owner of the collected information on Sofreight, and we will not sell, trade, rent or exchange any personally identifiable information about our users. We may use your information to do marketing campaigns, promotions or advertising on behalf of third parties; but, in such circumstances, your collected information will not be disclosed to such third parties without your permission. We use your collected information to market your company to potential trading partners, and provide such information to our affiliates and service providers (such as customer service) under contract to support the operation of the site and our services. We do share certain aggregate information about our users with our partners, advertisers or potential users. Sofreight reserves the right to disclose your information for identification or settlement of disputes or for insurance of website safety or restriction of fraud, or other illegal events or criminals, in a bid to fulfill services supplied by Sofreight. Sofreight reserves the right to disclose or use your information to protect your safety or financial security or prevent acts violating legal rights and public interest. Sofreight reserves the right to disclose or use your information to improve Sofreight services so that Sofreight could be tailor made for your requirements and you could enjoy better services. Sofreight reserves the right to use your information to contact you and provide you with information such as product information. Sofreight discloses information of business opportunities and quotation that Sofreight user submitted so other users can find out the information. We also reserve the right to disclose, without notice to you, personal information in response to a subpoena or other judicial order or when we believe in good faith that such disclosure is required by any law, regulation or listing requirement, or by any stock/securities exchange, governmental or regulatory authority.

5. Information storage and exchange

All of the users' collected information will be stored on the Sofreight server.

6. Hyperlinks

We have established relationships with other parties on the Internet to offer you the benefit of other products and services which we ourselves do not offer. We offer you access to these other parties either through the use of hyperlinks to their sites from our site, in which both ourselves and these other parties share the same URL, domain name or pages within a domain name on the Internet. The privacy policy of such other parties may differ from ours; we therefore encourage you to read that policy before responding to any offers, products or services provided by such other parties.

7. Security

Sofreight adopts a firm commitment to covering information security and maintaining the confidentiality of our customers' information and correct use of such information. Our website is designed to accord with industry-accepted security best practices and provide for secured access control to any abuse by unauthorized third parties. The authentication is further protected while being transmitted over unsecured public networks using SSL (Secure Socket Layer, known as industry-standard encryption algorithms). Meanwhile, we offer strict protocols to limit the types of information that can be accessed by our staff.




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