China to Mozambique, Maputo by air

Time: 2017-08-04 17:20
   Mozambique is a country in southern Africa. At present, there is no direct flight between China and Mozambique, and Chinese citizens can transfer to Mozambique via South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya and qatar. The Bole International Airport air traffic hub in Africa, many African countries went to other passengers in transit.
   Ten city of Mozambique, Nampula, Maputo, Bella, Peng Ba Whelan, Kulusi Tete, Inhambane, Chris Mane, etc., Chimoio Lichinga airport. Which Maputo is the capital of Mozambique, located at the southern tip of Mozambique, near the India Yanmar Maputo Bay, is not political, economic and cultural center, the country's largest city. Maputo port is one of the major ports in East africa.
   Maputo International Airport (IATA Code: MPM; ICAO Code: FQMA) is a civil airport 3 kilometers northwest of Mozambique, capital of the Republic of Maputo. Main international, regional and international demand of passenger and freight transport business, many waypoints to the main city of African countries and region, and the Portuguese airline to fly to Lisbon flights, Qatar Airlines operating flights to Doha.
   Chinese cargo flights to Mozambique Maputo many, Qatar Airways, Ethiopia airlines, Turkey airlines, South African Airways have flights to Guangzhou, Hongkong, Shanghai, from the start, Beijing, aged 5-7 days. Hongkong to Maputo air freight about RMB40/1000KG+, the volume of goods is not recommended to go, suitable for the value of high, aging requirements of high goods.
   Cargo price usually by air freight, fuel surcharge, war of three parts, logistics Baba cargo price is mainly composed of air freight charges, documentation fees, operating fees, manifest pre recorded fees, fuel surcharges. Customers can also add custom declaration, insurance and other value-added activities according to their requirements.
  Air freight forwarding is the general freight forwarding to the airport, the customer needs to go to the airport, their own customs clearance and delivery, if the need for customs clearance, the cost is relatively high.
  Exports to Mozambique ordinary no special requirements, but the foreign customs tax is serious. The raw material tariff is 2.5%, the fixed assets (class K), the tariff 5%, the tariff for the assembled goods is 7.5%, and the consumer goods is 20%. Customs clearance   requirements, packing list, invoice, bill of lading, PSI inspection, certificate of origin, etc.. The    government has stopped exporting pornographic and pornographic books and periodicals, film and television, posing as commodities, pirated goods and goods of false origin.
Search air network Maputo air transport, low-cost transit, can receive general cargo, bulk cargo, wooden boxes need to be hit. Airline one to one follow-up, cargo tracking, higher security. From China's air transport export to Mozambique, according to customer requirements, layout, door-to-door, and delivery of the destination.
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