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     FBA for many Amazon sellers, is an indispensable important channel, but also every seller must be detailed understanding of the place, then use Amazon FBA must know what are the points? It is understood that FBA is our daily life is commonly known as "Amazon logistics and distribution", refers to the Amazon buyers to provide high standards of warehousing, picking, packaging, distribution, collection, customer service and return services. Through the use of Amazon logistics, sellers can focus on sales, without the logistics, distribution and customer service time-consuming

     For Amazon novice sellers, the FBA related three major tags must not be known, namely: commodity labels, cargo labels, Pallet tags.
(1) commodity label: also called FNSKU, which is the initial label of XOO, and must be covered with the original barcode.
(2) cargo label: refers to the label posted on the outer package of the package, marked with a shipment ID:FBAXXXXXX, a cargo number may have multiple boxes, will be reflected in the goods number U001, U002.
(3) Pallet label: refers to a pallet on all sides to post the following pallet labels, a total of 4 pallet labels, similar to the label of the goods. It is worth mentioning that the Pallet tag will be used only during the shipping process.
What kind of product packaging is qualified?
First, the necessary FNSKU:
First of all, each product packaging to the corresponding paste FNSKU bar code; then, each commodity must have can scan the bar code or label easy to view; finally, remove or cover comprising a bar code scanning multiple items of the outer carton. Insiders stressed that the container on the packaging of goods, be sure to do double seal to prevent leakage of liquid or powder, in addition, for fragile goods to be packed using bubble film, and in the textile goods packaging, to be used with standard seal bag suffocation warning sign.
Second, carton packaging requirements:
(1) carton size: the size of any side of the carton shall not exceed 63.5cm unless the size of the piece sold is more than 63.5cm. Of course, if the size of any side of the carton exceeds 63.5cm, then Amazon will request to be placed on the pallet 1mX1.25m, unless the single piece of merchandise sold, carton size itself exceeds the size of the standard tray.
(2) the cartons are stacked: no strapping, elastic tape, adhesive tape, and packing. Large staples or nylon fiber tape are not available, which will pose a great threat to the safety of warehouse personnel. Therefore, cartons must be packed with standard pallet stacking requirements.
(3) carton weight: first, multiple carton was determined to be sold together (for example: suit) weight greater than 45kg must be placed in a single tray, in other words, is a sale of goods must correspond to a tray. Second, the sale of a single carton of goods (such as furniture) weight is greater than 45kg, usually need to hit a tray, so the Amazon sellers must not send the size of the tray size carton.
So, what products will be restricted in the Amazon?
Example 1: finished cosmetics (such as perfume and nail polish)
It is understood that at present does not provide finished cosmetic product composition information table of regulations, but still need to correct for the classification of goods to provide additional information, and ultimately ensure compliance with the requirements for storage and transportation of these goods.
Example 2: non dangerous goods
If the goods are dangerous goods in the audit, while the seller is that this product is non dangerous goods, it will also be restricted in the amazon.
Example 3: articles containing magnetic material
Products containing ferrous metals (such as speakers and subwoofer) will be subject to air traffic restrictions, according to industry analysts, due to magnetic strength that could damage aircraft related equipment.
Example 4: articles containing lithium batteries
There is no doubt that dangerous goods will be banned in the Amazon, lithium batteries can also be divided into risk category. However, for most consumer products with a battery weight not exceeding 5kg (11.02 pounds), there is no need to provide MSDS/SDS reports. Additional information is needed to correctly classify the goods and ensure compliance with the requirements for storage and transportation of the goods, the industry added.  

     Insiders said that in August 15th, Amazon will make further adjustments to the logistics warehouse, sellers need to pay attention to some friends, if the storage time of products has been more than 6 months, so Amazon will add ten times the storage fee, so the seller before August 15th, some friends will be unsalable products clearing, to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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