The import of such goods is strictly prohibited in britain!

Time: 2017-08-02 17:35

Aerial search network news: Recently, there is an inflatable doll sold on Amazon and eBay in the face of children, people urged the UK government sound interference this kind of business, the British National Bureau of meritorious service (NCA) has issued a warning to them.

For more than a year since March 2016, British Border officers have seized 123 children's inflatable dolls, amounting to 1000 pounds and 7 charges, including 1 jailed last month. NCA's evidence suggests that people who own such inflatable dolls have a tendency to invade children.
It is a big flaw in English law that only such goods are within the boundaries of the law, but owning, buying, selling, or manufacturing such goods does not conform to the law.
NSPCC (the British Society for the avoidance of children) has written to the foreign minister, Amber Rudd, calling for urgent legislative flaws.
"The manufacture, sale and possession of children's inflatable dolls will mislead people and should be stopped as having children's photographs," said Peter Wanless, CEO of NSPCC."
A spokesman for NSPCC added: "before this flaw is fixed, network wholesalers with such products should remove their online listing immediately."."
NCA officials say the paedophile tendencies people through legitimate websites such as eBay and Amazon purchase this kind of commodity, and said, because the children's inflatable doll with legitimate adult doll difficult to distinguish, to deal with children's inflatable doll business has a certain degree of difficulty.
Amazon spokesman said: "all sellers on the platform must adhere to our sales guide, we will take appropriate measures against sellers who violate the guidelines, including the removal of accounts and so on."
Stop posting British goods:
Imitation brand fake brand goods, spray container, alcoholic liquor and other items are strictly prohibited British customs post, please strictly abide by broad customer, not posting the above items, such as the law of posting the above items, the customs will be able to trace the legal responsibility. In addition, such as Gun (Stun) and other European countries agreed to mail the goods, the British customs is not allowed to stop outbound direct.
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