British Royal Navy aircraft carrier construction base, there

Time: 2017-08-01 16:53
British Royal Navy's latest two aircraft carrier "Queen Elizabeth" and "Prince of Wales" were currently completed construction, which the former has been to sea to sea trials, which will soon begin in 2019 sea test. However, unlike the regular process, the British Royal Navy after the two new aircraft carrier to do the first thing to do is not training or not to the Barents Sea swagger, but to eight pole can not beat the implementation of the Asian "sailing Free "task. Now that we have decided to poke the pain, then we may wish to hurt each other - no Chinese-made equipment, the British Royal Navy's two aircraft carriers now do not know where they are.

Elizabeth Queen "aircraft carrier construction work began in 2009, after the completion of the sub-construction, the aircraft carrier construction work into the stage of the lifting stage.As many years without the construction of 10,000 tons of surface ships demand, the British local enterprises can provide For the aircraft carrier sub-hoisting thousands of tons of gantry crane, Royce shipyard had to seek from abroad thousands of tons of gantry crane, China Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Group's thousands of tons of gantry crane products into the field of Royce shipyard.
Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1992, under the China Communications Construction Co., Ltd., is currently the world's largest crane and large steel manufacturers, one of the main products for a variety of marine engineering ships, such as large lifting Boats, punt vessels, dredgers, large shipyard gantry crane and drilling platform, the company developed the 1000-ton gantry crane to meet the sub-type aircraft carrier sub-hoisting work.

In June 2011, the British Royce Shipyard from Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries introduced a 1,000-ton heavy-duty gantry crane for the "Queen Elizabeth" and "Prince of Wales" number of the assembly work, the British will be the gantry crane named " Goliath "means the giant. "Goliath" 70 meters high, across 120 meters, the maximum lifting capacity of 1,000 tons, the cost of 12.2 million pounds, is one of the world's largest gantry crane, is the aircraft carrier segment, ship bow section, the ship's superstructure and Aircraft lift and installation must use the equipment, Europe is currently no the same level of equipment, so the United Kingdom can only import from China.
2016 years had news that the British Royce shipyard to sell "Goliath", but from the "Prince of Wales" aircraft carrier at the end of June assembly site, "Goliath" has not been sold in the " Prince of Wales "before the" Goliath "should not be sold," Prince of Wales "aircraft carrier construction work is expected to continue until the end of July and early August.

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