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Time: 2017-08-01 16:51
If simply answer the international courier which is the cheapest, of course, is the cheapest freight forwarders. The reason is that through the four major international courier delivery, first of all you have to open an account in the four Express, so as to have a discount. If you directly call the official customer service phone delivery, there is no discount. Their own in the four official website registered account, usually get the discount is about 7 fold in the freight forwarding market, most of the price between 2-4 fold.
If the goods do not matter, the preferred EMS international courier, because the price is relatively cheap. EMS international courier is the cheapest price of all brands of international courier! Customs clearance is the most convenient, is the green channel leading to various countries, the vast majority of countries can go imitation products. Suitable for Europe and the United States, Oceania and Singapore, Japan and South Korea and other major countries, customs clearance capacity is relatively strong, low discount, excluding bubble, a wide range of services, no remote area surcharge. The most suitable for non-arrival time requirements of small pieces of goods.
If the time is tight The first choice for the United States, the United States, and the UK is UPS and DHL. The DHL is less expensive than 5.5 kg. 6 kg to 21 kg below, then, UPS is much cheaper than DHL. 21 kg to 100 kg of goods, DHL to UPS to be cheaper. If it is 100 pounds of goods, UPS will be cheaper DHL.
United States United Parcel UPS international express, suitable for the Americas, Asia and Western European countries, the timeliness is more stable and fast! Especially the Americas, for its strong delivery range. 5.5 kg of goods DHL cheaper; 6 to 21 kg of cargo UPS is much cheaper than DHL; 21 to 100 kg of goods DHL cheaper than UPS; 100 kg of goods, UPS is cheaper.
TNT aging is very good, but the most expensive, suitable for export and sensitive export goods such as battery goods. TNT is the largest express delivery company in the Netherlands, in Western countries, customs clearance capacity than DHL, UPS, EMS are stronger. Suitable for Europe, Asia and Oceania.
FedEx in Southeast Asia can be said that the first four companies, whether it is the price or speed is very good, customs clearance can also, FedEx clearance capacity in Western Europe is relatively weak, its price and speed is equivalent to ordinary courier, The Suitable for the Americas, Southeast Asia, Oceania and Western European countries, the timeliness is more stable and fast. More than 21 kg of large cargo FedEx price is DHL, UPS half.
There are some local express, such as the Middle East green, Japan Sagawa impatient, South Korea three friends and so on in the local customs clearance capacity are first-class, because they are, after all, local courier company.
Middle East Line Aramex, suitable for the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and other countries, is the first choice for international cargo mail Middle East countries. Clear customs clearance ability, time is very secure, freight price advantage, there is no remote area surcharge.
Japan Sagawa impatient, 21KG above a large number of goods made economic Express, no first weight, by Macau, Taiwan transit, just 4-5 working days, price concessions.
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