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Time: 2017-08-01 16:50
In China, mobile phone batteries are flammable and explosive embargo items, can not take air courier, only land transport, so the export of mobile phones must be transported from Hong Kong.

Mobile phones and other electronic products, are containing the battery, since the electronic products can take the air, then the phone can naturally take the air, like the Apple iPhone and iPad are transported by air to the rest of the world. Apple's iPhone and iPad are all through air transport, not only want to be able to products in the first time to the hands of consumers, there is the actual cost of air is actually lower than the sea.
Consumer electronics products are shipping the traditional way, but if you go from China to the United States, then it takes about 20 days, shipping to the European countries for a longer time, and air direct access only a dozen hours, although the air transport costs higher, But the air will reduce the storage cost of the product. Followed by air transport than sea safety, to prevent the process of maritime flooding and robbery and other accidents.
Mobile air exports, many pure batteries can be air. Battery goods from Hong Kong exports relatively simple, customers provide UN38.3 test + MSDS + non-dangerous proof + goods pictures + goods inside and outside the packaging picture, the airline inspection documents can go after passing. Hong Kong airlines and flights, can reduce the unnecessary transit, aging is also fast.
Search ship network air transport exports are generally TK TK Airlines, cargo Shenzhen, the best hit wooden box.
Mobile phone air exports to South America, are basically from the United States Miami transit, many guests due to clearance reasons, there are special requirements without the United States Miami transit, you can choose from Europe and Australia, New Zealand and other transit, such as BA British Airways / QF Australia Aviation / CV Luxembourg Airlines / LH Lufthansa / IB Spanish Airlines and so on.
Mobile phone battery exports need to provide MADS and other documents. Lithium batteries are different from the common dangerous goods, which in the transport regulations do not have specific packaging categories, but this does not mean that the lithium battery transport packaging is not required, but also according to the specific packaging principles, logistics Baba has been committed to years Battery transport, wide channel, familiar with the operation of various batteries to ensure the safe export of battery goods.
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