VGM weighing exactly who pays?

Time: 2017-08-01 16:53
Tomorrow is July 1st, many of the export friends are staring at VGM!
About the VGM operation flow and the newest static, the dog dog net formerly consulted the Ningbo Zhoushan harbor related duty personnel. The information is combed as follows:
In a terminal weighing, Ningbo port of Zhoushan currently only accepts the request, four people is complex, shippers and freight forwarding, shipping companies and shipping.
Two, on the dock weighing costs, later, the dock side of the criterion is: who begged weighing, with whom settlement. The terminal will not be able to handle the final cost.
Three, according to the response, there are many foreign trade owners are using cumulative calculation method weighing, this approach was lost shipping companies, ports, ports and maritime departments recognized.
Four there is a running in at the end of any new thing. As far as shippers are concerned, it is very important to carefully interpret the.Doc guide for Component Verification of container laden accumulation calculation.
Five as far as the dock side is concerned, providing weighing efficiency will also increase the operation cost of the wharf and constitute other unpredictable impacts. Therefore, the wharf will provide the corresponding weighing efficiency, but will not recommend the owner to choose the wharf weighing.
Six, the two days, the fastest can be tomorrow afternoon, Ningbo Zhoushan port will issue new announcements or inform, the relevant documents are currently being approved by the ndrc. All is subject to official notification!
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