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Time: 2017-08-01 16:53
As we all know, the tariffs of South American countries are very high, and customs clearance is difficult. Brazil is a country of South America, and one of the hardest to do so. Today, I'll follow the search network for the Brazil customs clearance.
Brazil is a developing country. In order to protect its industrial production, it has adopted a tax protection policy on foreign imports in terms of imports. Brazil customs is a few countries to check the strict international parcel inspection, for they rate as high as one hundred percent, does not meet the requirements for shipment of goods or the customs will return the goods will be shipped, and shipped back to have a cost.
The main reason for the goods being imported by the Brazil customs is that the correct document information can not be provided during the customs clearance, and the timely homework can greatly reduce the possibility that the goods will be detained by the Brazil customs office so as to smooth customs clearance.
What are the requirements for customs clearance in Brazil?
The common customs clearance documents used in Brazil are bills of lading, invoices, boxes, fumigation certificates, power of attorney (both in Portuguese and English versions). NCM encoding and imported party bill of lading must be marked on the goods CNPJ number, NCM encoding HS encoding similar to the international general, to classify and tax on the product, CNPJ, is similar to the registration number, to determine the importer's identity and qualification. In addition to the invoice indicating the consignor, name, weight, volume, value, contract number, departure, destination and other basic information, but also need to indicate the product price, and address of the manufacturer. The International Plant Protection Convention as "" (International Plant Protection Convention, referred to as IPPC) signatory, Brazil in June 1, 2005 since the implementation of "international trade in wood packing material management standards" (ISPM15), for wood packing material requirements after fumigation / disinfection treatment and affix the IPPC logo.
Brazil customs special bill of lading requirements:
At the customs of the Brazil, all non - individual goods (missing or incorrect documents) will be deemed to be smuggled immediately after unloading and will be seized by the customs and fined. At the same time, the customs of the Brazil has the following special requirements for the original bill of lading:
1) the consignee shall not be "TO ORDER"".
If the bill of lading the consignee (Consignee) as "TO ORDER", the goods will be detained by customs, submit to the Brazil customs system until the consignee details (including complete address, telephone, fax number CPNJ enterprises, etc. and contact etc.), the customs will allow the delivery.
2) the Brazil customs does not accept the description of the general cargo. Such as: Department, good, merchandise, Chemical, Dry, cargo and so on.
3) must be labeled with the consignee (Consignee) enterprise tariff CPNJ goods, Brazil commercial customs NCM code encoding. If Notify and Consignee are different, also must identify its corporate tax CNPJ. In addition, the bill of lading must indicate the volume of the goods (per cubic meter).
4) the freight must be marked in figures and words at the same time on the bill of lading.
Brazil customs - Documentation / equipment inspection
For different channels of goods, the customs will take different means of inspection, in accordance with past experience, most Chinese products will be classified as yellow or red channel, rarely included in the green channel. For the goods of the Yellow channel, the customs will focus on the inspection of customs documents, evaluate the information of the value of the goods, the quantity of goods and the classification of the goods, and release them in the case of the audit. For the red channel of the goods, the situation is more complicated, first by the customs officer of customs documents for review, and then assigned to the port customs inspection personnel on-site inspection, if still unable to obtain the accurate judgment, should be combined with the third party inspection engineer jointly issued by the official inspection and report. From the beginning of the inspection to the issue of a report often takes weeks, this link is the entire customs clearance process in a longer period of time, but also the most difficult to grasp the link.
Brazil customs clearance procedures cumbersome
According to the world economic forum released the "2014-2015" in the global competitiveness report, ranked 144 countries (or regions), in the Brazil customs efficiency ranked 138, so the export of goods to Brazil for a long time, need to have patience.
There are three main tariff rates for imported goods in Brazil:
1 federal taxes
A. import duties. According to different commodities, the import tax rate is different. The average tax rate is now 17%. General raw material tax rate is very low or zero; consumer goods in general is about 20-30%.
B. industrial product tax. The average tax rate is 10%, which is a progressive tax, and is calculated at the price of CIF plus the total value of the import duty.
2. State taxes
C. commodity circulation service tax, which is equivalent to VAT, is a progressive tax, and is calculated at the CIF price plus the import duty, the processing industry, and the total value of the product tax. There are two tax rates, 17% and 18%, 18% in St Paul and 17% in all other states (both of which refer to transactions within the state) Depends on the state of the importer.
Brazil customs is not generally high, in addition to import tariffs and other mixed taxes, customs clearance to pay tips. Moreover, many products in Brazil have anti-dumping duties, and if Chinese goods are exported to Brazil at a high tariff, entrepot trade may be considered.
What products does China levy against the tax on Brazil?
Brazil Chinese of automotive glass, safety glass refrigeration appliances, agricultural tires, truck tires, bicycle tires, motorcycle tires frameless glass mirror, ball pen, coil, ring magnet, plastic vacuum tubes, seamless steel pipe, PVC resin, ceramic filter, two oxygen
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