August ship division new regulations, customs new regulation

Time: 2017-07-31 15:53

August 1st Haifeng cargo dry cargo box free adjustment period for 7 days

Haifeng received notice of cargo, to ensure that the customer uses, improve the operation efficiency of container, the adjustment of the port of Shanghai container free standard. Since August 1st, dry box free period is adjusted to 7 days.
Since August 1st, HPL has imposed surcharge on season
Recently, Herb Roth (HPL) announced that the official website, from August 1, 2017 onwards, will be on the East Asia (including Japan) goods collection surcharge -- Europe and the Mediterranean, with plans to export freight forwarding and foreign trade enterprises should pay attention to.
The announcement is as follows
Scope of collection: East Asia (including Japan) - Europe and the Mediterranean
Collection standard: USD200/20'; USD400/40'
Effective date: August 1, 2017
OOCL adjusted fuel surcharge and Yen Adjustment Surcharge
OOCL announced that, from August 1, 2017, the fuel surcharge / Yen Adjustment Surcharge for goods imported from Japan to Hongkong, Macao and Southern China China will be adjusted to the following:
Fuel surcharge: $65 /TEU, $130 /FEU and $130 / forty foot counters.
Yen Adjustment Surcharge: $20, /TEU, $30, /FEU, and $30 / forty foot counters.
In August 1st a Kuwait Maersk port congestion surcharge AIBA Shu
Recently, Maersk announced it will go to Kuwait for global Hong Kong Shu AIBA (Shuaiba) cargo port congestion surcharge levy (CFD).
Port Congestion Surcharge (CFD):
Far East: 20/40':USD250/500
Gulf region: 20/40':USD50/100
Mediterranean: 20/40':USD200/400
Nordic: 20/40':USD200/400
Other parts of the world: 20/40':USD150/300
Scope of collection: all dry goods going to Shuaiba (dry cargo)
Effective date: NON-FMC:8 1, FMC:9 1
The charges will be collected in Kuwait
Since August 1st, the Tianjin port has resumed the import and export of 9 dangerous goods of the 8 kind
July 26th, there is news that from August 1st onwards, Tianjin port restart hazardous chemicals transportation business, dangerous goods in the eighth categories, Ninth categories of dangerous goods opening box business, will be the first to be restored.
Dangerous goods (hazardous, material), flammable, explosive, and strongly corrosive, toxic substances collectively. Among them, 8,9 dangerous goods refer to corrosive and miscellaneous, marine pollutants.
First types of explosives (IMO CLASS 1)
Second types of compressed gases and liquefied gases (IMO, CLASS, 2.1/2.2/2.3)
Third flammable liquids (IMO, CLASS, 3)
Fourth types of flammable solids, spontaneous combustion products and flammable materials. (IMO, CLASS, 4.1/4.2/4.3)
Fifth types of oxidants and organic peroxides (IMO, CLASS, 5.1/5.2)
Sixth types of toxic and infectious substances (IMO, CLASS, 6.1/6.2)
Seventh types of radioactive materials (IMO, CLASS, 7)
Eighth types of corrosion products (IMO, CLASS, 8)
Ninth types of miscellaneous and marine pollutants (IMO, CLASS, 9)
Since August 1st, the customs office of the Shenzhen formally implemented the "totally enclosed examination" law.
Since August 1st, new regulations for import and export of food packaging containers and packaging materials have been made.
Since August 28, 2017, Kenya will prohibit the use of imported for commercial and domestic manufacturing and packaging of all plastic bags, all Kenya supermarkets, shopping malls, markets and other retail establishments will no longer provide plastic shopping bags.
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