Maersk says Rickmers insolvency should do it no harm

Time: 2017-06-22 13:40
THE world's biggest container shipping company Maersk Line has declared it expects no harm to itself from the Rickmers Holdings bankruptcy.
"We currently do not expect any impact of Rickmers Holding's filing for insolvency," said a company statement,
But should unexpected developments occur, "we have contingency plans to minimise the impact on our customers' cargo.
"Out of the total Maersk operated fleet of 639 vessels, six are charter vessels formerly owned by Rickmers, namely MV Rickmers. In addition, a further 12 vessels are chartered by Rickmers.
"In total, these 18 vessels make up three per cent of Maersk Line's total vessel capacity. It is Maersk Line's expectation that operations of these 18 vessels should continue unaffected, under the supervisory entity acting on behalf of the creditors," it said.
Maersk said that it expects the real owners to transfer the management of these vessels to other operators in the market with no impact on the fulfilment of current contracts.
"The same stability is expected for the operation of Rickmers vessels chartered by our partners in vessel sharing agreements," said the Maersk Line statement.
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