Maersk now has world's largest boxship - the 20,568-TEU Madr

Time: 2017-04-18 13:49
DANISH shipping giant Maersk Line has taken delivery of the world's largest containership, dubbed the Madrid Maersk, surpassing the prior record set by MOL Triumph, which was delivered March 27.
While the MOL Triumph held the record for the largest boxship at 20,179 TEU, the Madrid Maersk now holds that record at 20,568 TEU, American Shipper reported.
A Maersk spokesperson said the company expects the Madrid Maersk to enter service in late April.
The vessel is the first of 11 EEE Mark II class boxships due for delivery from Daewoo Shipbuilding Marine Engineering (DSME) ordered at a total cost of US$1.8 billion in 2015. The last of the deliveries will be completed by mid-2018.
The second generation Triple-E vessels come with modifications that increase their nominal box intake by 12 per cent over the original 20 Triple-E's that were delivered from the same shipyard between 2013 and 2015, Splash 24/7 of Singapore said.
However, both vessel models have the same 400-metre by 60-metre dimensions, and can stow 24 bays of containers in length and 23 rows of containers across deck.
However, with the new generation, the bridge has been moved two bays toward the bow, the engine room moved on bay aft, and smaller engines have been installed. The hull is deeper to accommodate one extra tier of containers in the holds and heightened lash bridges allow additional tiers of deck containers.
But just like the MOL Triumph, the Madrid Maersk's record will also be made null as the 21,200-TEU OOCL Hong Kong is set to be delivered from Samsung Heavy Industries in mere weeks.

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