Hamburg expands Vorhafen Harbour Basin for more space at Tol

Time: 2017-04-05 14:14
GERMANY's Hamburg Port Authority has finished the redesign on the Vorhafen harbour basin access that is the main approach to the cargo terminals in Steinwerder.
The changes permit longer inbound and outbound tidal windows and extra waiting berths for feeder vessels to reduce vessel movements.  
Three phases were completed, starting with a four-hectare site of soil removed to create more water surface area at the Tollerort tip, the port authority said. The soil was used to back-fill the remainder of the Kohlenschiffhafen harbour basin, allowing more room within Container Terminal Tollerort, reported American Shipper.  
The second phase involved a new 250-metre quay wall at the Tollerort tip and reinforcement of the quay wall at Europakai. The final phase reinforced the quay wall at Lotsenhoft.  
Previously, only vessels of 370 metres were allowed to enter the basin, but the now-completed project allows vessels of 400 metres.  
Overall, the safety of incoming and outgoing vessels has increased along with flexibility and manoeuvrability within the Tollerort area, the port authority added.
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