PSA warns of disposal of Hanjin boxes unclaimed by November

Time: 2016-11-25 14:07
PORT of Singapore (PSA) has urged cargo owners, consignees, shippers and/or freight forwarders to contact them by November 28 to claim Hanjin Shipping's containers and/or the cargoes inside remaining at its terminals and storage yards.
If any containers remain after the deadline, PSA said it will proceed to dispose and/or sell off the containers and cargoes within, reported Lloyd's Loading List.
The port operator said it had been working with Hanjin and the relevant parties to ensure delivery of local import containers and load and transfer transshipment boxes headed for other destinations.
It said customers have three ways to transport the containers to their intended destinations, as follows:
?Cargoes in the Hanjin owned/operated boxes can be taken out and restuffed into non-Hanjin containers at PSA's Keppel Distripark directly linked to PSA Singapore Terminal 1, before being sent off to their final destinations. With PSA ST1 situated within a free trade zone, customers can opt to use services from a number of operators in the Distripark to transload their containers without having to pay the goods and services tax.
For shipper-owned containers, the shipper will take over the lease or sublease of the container from Hanjin and work out an arrangement with another shipping line to send the box to its final destination port. The shipper will have to pay the handling fees for such containers.
Shippers can also liaise with Hanjin to arrange for another shipping line to take over the box lease and move it to the final destination.
PSA has set up an operations centre to handle these cargoes and said that to collect Hanjin containers for local import, the boxes are unloaded from vessels and placed in the container yards.
After a refundable deposit of SGD5,000 (US$3,500) per box has been paid to PSA via cashier's order or internet banking to ensure return of empty containers, the container can then be moved out of the port area to be unstuffed for local import.
Contact:  Aster Chen
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