Deltamarin Unveils Cruise Ship of the Future

Time: 2016-11-07 13:56
Finnish ship designer Deltamarin has presented an activity cruise vessel concept which was selected as the winner of the company’s internal ship design competition. 

The Zero Emission ship can sail without harming the environment as it is completely environmentally neutral and does not use any fossil fuels, Deltamarin said.

“Technical challenges were intertwined around the fact that there are no fossil fuels used on this ship so the energy consumption needed to be arranged in a way that supports this. The SWAT Hull form is utilized as the basis of this concept,” according to the company.

The ship has four fully automatic wing sails and uses solar energy and fuel cells as its power source. A wind energy option is also available, according to the ship designer.

Furthermore, the cruise vessel has a tower that can be lifted up when the vessel is anchored. It is also possible for passengers to observe the underwater world from windows beneath the waterline.

Designed to feature a length of 160 meters and a width of 53 meters, the vessel would be able to accommodate 540 passengers.

“The Zero Emission activity cruise vessel concept was chosen as the winner of the competition. The internal panel of judges felt that the concept succeeded in creating a clever and efficient vessel design that responded both to future megatrend demands and challenging energy reduction needs,” Deltamarin said.

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