World Shipping Council: VGM compliance 95pc, but more time n

Time: 2016-09-20 13:54
THE World Shipping Council, representing 90 per cent of the world's ocean liner capacity, reports that the rate of compliance by shippers to UN demands for the verification of the gross mass of their containers and its contents (VGM) has reached 95 per cent worldwide, according to Lloyd's Loading List.
WSC told the UN's International Maritime Organisation (IMO) the compliance of its member companies had steadily increased since the July 1, but that the three-month period of grace should be extended beyond October 1.
The WSC told an IMO sub-committee that the July 1 entry into force of the requirements for packed containers to have a VGM as a condition for loading had occurred "without any appreciable disruptions to supply chains".
WSC said one continuing challenge was the updating of terminal operating systems and terminals' ability to communicate VGM information to maritime carriers, "including providing final load lists.
"We expect that this will only be a temporary situation," the WSC said.
The WSC noted that this three-month period of light-touch or "pragmatic" enforcement would expire by the end of September, and requested it be continued by regulators.
"From October 1 onwards, we encourage an understanding by regulators and enforcers that the industry has been, and is, working diligently and cooperatively towards the end goal of having all packed containers accompanied by VGMs," the WSC said.
"A small residual number of exceptional cases should not detract from the fact that the overwhelmingly majority of packed containers are already in compliance with these important safety requirements."
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