New ICS chairman warns against undermining IMO by setting lo

Time: 2016-09-14 13:46
THE global maritime regulatory system established by the UN's International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has been undermined by EU member states attempts to apply local or regional standards.
This development was having a detrimental effect on the quality of IMO debates and decision making, warned the new chairman of the International Chamber of Shipping, Esben Poulsson.
One example is the current discussion at the IMO concerning the creation of a global CO2 data collection system. The European Union is attempting to align this system with a regional regime for shipping which it has already adopted through regional legislation, reported London's Tanker Operator.
Speaking at the annual ICS conference in London, Mr Poulsson warned that instead of making decisions basis of their technical merits, there was the danger of IMO debates becoming politicised.
Mr Poulsson noted the US was also taking similarly impractical and highly political stances with respect to issues such as the implementation of the IMO Ballast Water Convention by refusing to accept decisions that have been taken at the IMO by other members.      
"Unless we are very careful, IMO could eventually be reduced to merely rubber stamping decisions, which in reality will have been taken elsewhere, whether in Europe, the US or by the emerging powers in Asia," said Mr Poulsson.
Turning his attention to society's demands for improved environmental performance, he said: "We must be proactive in demonstrating that we are doing everything that we can to achieve a zero accident rate and pollution free environmental record, even if at present these goals are not fully achievable.
"We must respond to these genuine environmental concerns by supporting the development of progressive solutions at IMO, and acting constructively and with foresight on the understanding that society at large now expects far more from us."
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