China mulls Sino-American plan to turn Flint, Michigan, into

Time: 2016-08-24 14:12
CHINA's Heilongjiang Agriculture Co, one of the country's biggest publicly traded corporations, together with Boston's Billy Sims China Food Group, a major US powdered milk exporter to China, are involved with a plan to revive the old rust belt automaking town, Flint, Michigan.
Also involved in the consortium is the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce, the US-China Chamber of Commerce, the Chinese government and prominent financial, food industry and other business leaders who met in Flint to plan the transform the town into a global food manufacturing centre that will export American-made products worldwide.
Heilongjiang, long known as a provider of grain, is expanding its scope with manufacturing and importing food products from the US, said the Sims Company press release.
In addition China Chicago consul general Hong Lei, the US-China Chamber of Commerce will participate. Sims is sports ambassador to the US-China Chamber of Commerce the head of the chamber is a director of the Billy Sims China Food Group.
Developing the food processing centres in Flint will create hundreds of jobs initially and thousands over the coming four years and will improve the US balance of trade with China, said the release.
Billy Sims, the 1976 Heisman Trophy winner and former Detroit Lions running back said: "We are extremely honoured to have Hong Lei, China's consul general to Chicago, participate in our meeting and regard his presence as indicative of the confidence the Chinese Government has in our efforts for the City of Flint.
'Through our combined efforts with financial leaders such as Morgan Stanley, the Mott Foundation and other business and political leaders we will establish Flint as the food manufacturing capital of the world, and launch Michigan as a global centre for the American food manufacturing industry," said Mr Sims.
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