Shanghai Customs Posts Export Decline

Time: 2014-02-28 13:52

In July, Shanghai's US trade cargo valued US$ 15.13 billion, down 12.6 per cent. European trade fell 2.8 per cent to US$ 12.38 billion.

 Electrical and mechanical product exports shrank. Solar cell exports declined 40.8 per cent to US$ 4.47 billion. Ships decreased 13.9 per cent to US$ 3.35 billion.

 But cell phone exports increased 24.9 per cent to US$ 4.1 billion. In contrast, Shanghai's consumer product kept a fast increase in the seven months. Automobile grew 20.6 per cent to US$ 9.7 billion. Pharmaceuticals jumped 34.9 per cent to US$ 4.1 billion. Garment exports increased 25.5 per cent to US$ 1.41 billion.

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