Tips of Operation of China Local

Time: 2014-02-28 11:50

1.       About issuing bill of loading at destination, some carriers will charge release fee from shipper in original, and also will charge it again at destination from consignee. So instructing carriers to issue bill of loading at destination, it is better to confirm the charges first before placing booking to carriers.


2.       To get the ex-work cost for FCL in China, below information is required to make a exact quotation.

Usually ex-work cost of FCL require to offer below information


Pick up address:

Commodity name:

Cargo volume and cargo weight.


3.       Local charges in differ ports of China will be quite different.

In the south of China, carriers accept booking direct from shipper and forwarders. And the local charges from carriers usually only THC,DOC,SEAL and so on

But In the north of China, usually carriers will use booking agents to do the document work, and all shipper or forwarder just arrange booking to carriers’ booking agents. So usually there is a booking fee charged by carriers’ booking agent.



Different operation in different ports.

4.       There are two terminal ports in Shanghai City, one is WAIGAOQIAO PORT, and another is YANGSHAN port, but the operation of loading and customs will be quite different. To arrange the customs in WAIGAOQIAO, it is a must to finish loading and return the container to the port first. But in YANGSHAN port, it is a must to arrange customs and get the green-light from customs then the heavy container can be gated into the port.


5.       CY open time usually will be 5 days before ETD in the north of port is China such as Shanghai, Ningbo and so on. but in the South of China such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, the CY open time will be around 10 days before ETD.

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