Time: 2014-02-28 11:40

1. Entry Summary Declaration (ENS)

In each non-EU load port the transmission must be carried out no later than 24 hours prior to start of loading to the vessel bound for an EU port. To comply with this regulation carriers will require complete and correct shipping instructions. The documentation closing times will follow the same timelines as other “advance manifest” 24 Hour Rule locations such as USA, Canada or Mexico.

Transmission of ENS is obligatory for all cargo discharged in an EU port (including transshipment cargo) as well as FROB cargo (Foreign Cargo Remaining on Board), i.e. cargo which is discharged in a port outside the EU after the vessel has called an EU port.

Required data elements:

·         Full name and address of shipper and consignee

·         Full name and address of notify party where goods are carried under a negotiable “to order” B/L

·         Container number

·         Goods description (general terms for example “consolidated cargo” or “general cargo” cannot be accepted)

·         Minimally first four digits of the HS code. Please use the following link for HS codes: (By clicking on the right-hand column, you can access the HS nomenclature.)

·         Number of packages

·         Cargo gross weight

·         Seal number

·         UN dangerous goods code where applicable

·         Method of payment in case of prepaid, for example “payment in cash”, “payment by cheque”, “electronic credit transfer”, etc.

The ENS will be sent to the Customs office of the first port of entry (first port of call) in the EU. This Customs office will carry out a security risk assessment. In case a risk is identified subsequent ports and port of loading will be informed:

·         Risk Type A = do not load

·         Risk Type B = interception of a suspicious shipment at the first port of entry

·         Risk Type C = interception of a suspicious shipment at the port of discharge

Information about ultimate shipper/consignee is not required in an ENS.
If, nevertheless, a freight forwarder wants to file the ENS himself, i.e. instead of the ocean carrier, he needs the consent of the ocean carrier.

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